hi pavel,

unfortunately, I moved your mail to the wrong folder and promtly
forgot about it.

> > Thanks for your soon replay. Now I got more risky question: would you mind,
> > as for copyright and licence, to put your reference on a czech wiki and
> > start translating together with others? There is "danger" or I would better
> > say "intention" to add some things to your text, to change it, to adjust it
> > to our needs...

I see no problem with this, provided you add a blurb along the lines of

   "Based on 'An Introduction to Tkinter' Copyright (c) 1997-2005 by Fredrik
    Lundh.  Used with kind permission."

to the document (where 'An Introduction to Tkinter' can, if suitable, be a link
back to the effbot.org source page).

regards /F